My clients return to me again and again. I think I’ve worked out why. Primarily of course because they like my work. But clients tell me it’s also because I’m professional, reliable, easy to work with, fast and extremely flexible.

Your preferred supplier of words. Your copywriting requirements evolve over time and sometimes during a project. So you need a copywriter who is versatile. I can deliver copy in pretty well any media you’re ever likely to need. I’m often hired for a specific job, only to find years later that I’m working for multiple clients across that company or agency in a range of media.

A client once introduced me as “Tom, our preferred supplier of words”. It’s still my favourite description of what I do.

Seeing the bigger picture… but still living in the real world. Often it’s obvious what’s needed, but sometimes less so. Then it can pay to look at how the project fits into your overall communication goals. So we can pin down exactly what you need from me at that juncture and how best I can deliver it.

So yes, I believe in first getting under the skin of your business. But the real world isn’t always like that. Clients often turn to a freelancer when their back is against the wall. Luckily, I see impossible deadlines, torn-up project schedules, concept rethinks or picking up the pieces when someone’s let you down, as all part of the challenge – and fun – of being a freelancer.

I like to know what I’m talking about. It’s a marketing cliché that every company is unique. And like many clichés, it’s probably true. So if I don’t know how your company differs from the competition, then I don’t know you or your sector well enough. Yet. Which is why, alongside any background material you give me, I try to dig a little deeper into your company, your competitors and your clients.